• Rep. Hammer Launches Metal Theft Webpage

    Scrap metal theft continues to be a big problem in Arkansas.  Metal thieves have become more aggressive and often cause serious property damage to recover even small amounts of recyclable metals.  This property damage is almost always far more expensive to repair than the actual value of the stolen metal.  Representative Hammer is committed to doing more to protect property owners.  He has already introduced and passed a bill that gives law enforcement better tools to gather information that may help track stolen property.  However, more robust legislation is needed to properly punish offenders, deter this crime and protect property owners.

    Rep. Hammer has launched a new webpage on this website to gather information and fight back against the criminals.  This information will be used to help Rep. Hammer and other legislators develop informed legislation to better protect property owners.

    If you or your business have ever been a victim of scrap metal theft, your input could help prevent others from experiencing property loss in the future.  Please visit the new webpage and fill out the form to let Rep. Hammer and other state legislators aware of your loss.  Even if you’ve reported your case to law enforcement, please tell us about your experience.  Your help letting others know about this webpage is also needed.  Please share this with friends and family and encourage them to help us with this legislative process.

    Thanks in advance for your participation!