• Rep. Hammer Announces Launch of Metal Theft Reporting Page

    State Rep. Kim Hammer (District 28-Benton) is announcing the formation of a new user friendly page on his representative website for the purpose of reporting and collecting information on theft of metals.  The data collected at representativekimhammer.com will be compiled to support future legislation should the rates of metal thefts continue before the Regular Session of 2015.

    This webpage is not a substitute for reporting a crime to law enforcement.  Arkansans should report all crimes to their appropriate law enforcement agency.  Rep. Hammer said during the last Regular Session, it was determined that the collection of data involving theft of metal had four main obstacles.

    “First, the task of collecting information from each law enforcement agency was difficult and time consuming especially if it involved previous records.  Second, we discovered that thefts involving metal may not be recorded as such if the damage lead to charges being filed under destruction of property,” said Hammer.  “Our third obstacle was that many victims simply are not reporting the crimes at all either because of multiple thefts or they do not believe it would do any good.  And finally, not all reports of theft include a conviction.”

    The information collected at representativekimhammer.com can provide useful information directly from the public.  This information can also help support law enforcement in identifying areas where theft of metals are concentrated.
    “With the information collected, working in conjunction with law enforcement and involving the recycling industry, we can work together to reduce the theft of metals in our state.  It is my belief this site will go a long way in the fight against the crime,” said Hammer.

    Rep. Hammer is requesting that Arkansans who have experienced a theft of metal since January 1, 2012 report the information on the webpage.  This will help to measure the effectiveness of past legislation.  Information can be recorded on the webpage regardless of whether it was reported to law enforcement.

    Suggestions to improve the webpage is welcomed and can be shared on the website or by contacting Rep. Hammer at kimdhammer@yahoo.com.

    Report Metal Theft Here