Scrap metal theft is an increasing problem in Arkansas, causing costly property loses and damages for individuals, businesses and state and local governments.  Our state is not well-equipped to find and prosecute the offenders, leaving property owners at risk of future losses.

Rep. Hammer is committed to combating scrap metal theft in Arkansas.  He has already introduced and passed a bill that gives law enforcement better tools to gather information that may help track stolen property.  However, more robust legislation is needed to properly punish offenders, deter this crime and protect property owners.

This webpage is part of Rep. Hammer’s efforts to gather information and fight back against the criminals.  If you have been a victim of scrap metal theft, your input could help prevent others from experiencing property loss in the future.  Please fill out the form below to let Rep. Hammer and other state legislators aware of your loss.  The information will be used to help drive future scrap metal legislation.

Thanks for participating and contributing to the legislative process.  Together, we will work to create a safer and brighter future for all Arkansans.

Scrap Metal Theft & Loss Report

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  1. Norman Cox says:

    System operating in Louisiana works good. When you weigh in copper scrap a check is made out there and then but is held back for a period of seven days. It will only be sent to the address which is shown on your form of ID. If stolen copper is weighed in it gives police etc a week to make inquiries etc.

  2. Tammy D. Schmidt says:

    Please call the humane Society of Saline County. One of their potential satellite locations not only lost all of the copper, the HVAC units themselves were taken.

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